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The e-books for sale are PDF facsimiles; they look exactly like the physical books, with the same pagination and typeface. If you were to quote something from page 24 of the PDF, another reader would find it on page 24 of the paper edition.

The PDFs do not contain encrypted Digital Rights Management (DRM), nor are they password protected. You are not locked to a specific platform, operating system, or type of software. These files can be read on any computer or device that can open PDFs. You can also print the file, cut and paste from the text, and search by key word. To discourage piracy the PDF will only be “watermarked” — which is to say it will be stamped (unobtrusively) with your personal information.

You can download a free sample of each title. Look for the "Preview" link underneath the book's buy button.

E-book orders are securely processed and fulfilled by PayHip. They will send you an email with the download link after you complete your purchase. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as PAYHIP*OBOLUSPRESS

A Moral History of the Inflation (PDF)


Maurice Utrillo (PDF)


Henri Le Sidaner (PDF)


Memoirs of a Booklegger (PDF)


Five Days in Brussels (PDF)